Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/10/03

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Subject: [Leica] Second camera: cheap, high-value P&S
From: Jeff Moore <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 22:04:37 -0400
References: <>

2000-10-02-11:22:42 Steve LeHuray:
> Also consider an Olympus Stylus P&S with 35mm/2.8 fixed lens. I have been
> carrying mine around with Delta 400 doing street photography and the blowups
> to 8x10 are very sharp. Camera is cheap, about $90 at B&H.

The Stylus Epic (non-zoom).  Shockingly good lens for the price,
drizzle-resistant, pleasing pocketable overall package.  The usual P&S
lack-of-control problems, a somewhat hard-for-the-eye-to-find-quickly
little hole to look through at the back, and autofocus of the lock
electronically then drive the lens into position only when a picture
is attempted class; but WTF, it's 90 bucks!  (Or 100 bucks if stock
problems force you to buy the `kit' with battery and ill-fitting case,
or more if you buy the icky version with date back and `champagne'
colored plastic).  Or if you buy somewhere more expensive than B&H
(deities forfend!).  Every one of the several people I've recommmended
this puppy to has been overjoyed.  It's pretty much the heir to the
Yashica T4's crown.

Oh yeah, I think it's called something like the `MJU II' outside the
US, but I vouldn't swear to it.

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