Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/10/01

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Subject: photo technique = image quality? [Leica] Erwin, photographic technique
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 17:14:04 +0100

>IMHO, Technique is only relavent to the extent that it get's you the picture
>that you want.
>A lot of people are obsessed with it because it is the easiest part of the
>to master, assuming you are technically inclined. So you see a lot of
>technically excellent pictures that are totally lacking in anything actually
>interesting. Being an engineer, I take a lot of these myself. Most of the
>I make an effort to forget about technique and concentrate on the picture.
>my engineer side generally takes over and I miss a lot of shots because of
>Oh well

not wishing to appear heretic to the technically-minded among us, i must
say that hard core 'zone system' photographs frequently fall into this
category for me. in terms of tonal richness, they can be outstanding, but
they fail to impress me as images.

like a musical performance where every note is well articulated but that
lacks soul, this type of photography passes me by without leaving an
impression. for me, 'technical perfection' is not enough.