Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/09/19

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Incident Metering - resources needed
From: John Collier <>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 08:46:45 -0600

Using door "b" would indeed often bring home the babe* with the motor-home
and built in barbecue. However the important thing is to meter the light
that you are interested in. If the light is hitting only one side of the
face and you want the rest to go dark, then face the dome to the light from
the side not the camera. If you are in the same light as the subject is,
then point the dome to the light source not the camera. Etc., etc....

John Collier

*or bubba depending on your druthers

> From: "William Gower" <>
> The last few threads on Reflected vs. Incident metering has gotten me
> thinking:
> How do _you_ incident meter ?
> I has been only in the last year that I've weaned myself off reflected TTL
> metering. Some success, some failure. It's to be expected, but I am getting
> much, much better. Years back, I picked up a used Gossen LunaSix meter but
> it mostly sat in my bag. I never had the patience or the need to be really
> proficient with it. Now, armed with a meterless Leica, I am, as they say in
> Pennsylvania Dutch country - "Euchred".
> My theory: Learning hand-held metering is analogous to learning Chinese -
> it's best to totally immerse oneself.
> ....or as they say at summer camp - "sink or swim".
> I've had the opportunity to observe 3 photographers lately using incident
> metering at 3 weddings this summer (all three using 2-1/4 cameras w/WL
> finders) . All three fellows used incident meters in totally different ways.
> (And seeing as they were working, the last thing they needed was someone
> asking them questions.)
> One fellow pointed the meter directly at a. the SUBJECT. One fellow pointed
> the meter with his back to the subject at b. the CAMERA, and one fellow
> stuck his arm up at 90 degrees and metered c. the SKY. All three situations
> were basically identical, group shot, on the lawn, subdue 3-4pm sunlight, no
> apparent tricky shadows.
> I use method b. But barring all other factors, does it matter how you meter
> in these cases, or does it come down to personal preference? Are there any
> "rules" here ?