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Subject: Re: Why are LTM versions so expensive [Leica] New SMC Pentax-L 43mm F1.9 Special + viewfinder forLeica
From: Dante A Stella <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 07:36:27 -0400
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Just a thought

Why are LTM versions of other lenses so expensive?  Do the Summicrons require
rengineering of the barrel body due to some problem with the difference in
film-flange distance that wouldn't allow you to switch the mount plates (I've never
disassmbled an M lens, so I can't tell)?  (Why couldn't you just adjust the focus
on the lens cells if that were the case)?  Is this why the Pentax is so expensive,
too (to say nothing of the Ricoh GR-1 lens and the Hexanon 60/1.2L)?  Or is it
milking the LTM user/collector / maven / afficionado / admirer?

The actual lens mount in LTM is a pretty simple threaded piece of metal that's
chrome plated, certainly something that seems like it could be made cheaply by a
competent machine shop (LTM ffd is 28mm +/2 0.2mm).  Actually, with modern CNC
equipment it doesn't seem like it should be that hard to make the "more
complicated" M mount, either.  It would seem that to produce a short run of LTM
wouldn't justfy the massive price increase like $400-500.

By the way, has anyone ever converted an M lens to SM?

It would be nice if you could specify LTM or M mount as an option.  Think of how
much new life could be breathed into so many old IIIgs and IIIfs.


P.S.  If someone manages to turn this into a flame war, I will be very surprised.
But now I'm off to New York for some (fun).  F/8 and be there.

Dennis Painter wrote:

> Lucien wrote:
> >
> > Mikiro wrote:
> >
> > > Lucien-
> > > I am surprised that Pentax people dare to make an LTM version of a lens that
> > > is designed for SLR.  With this price they should design a new lens
> > > specifically designed for non-SLR bodies!
> >
> > Mikiro,
> >
> > 1.400$ is maybe normal for a limited edition of 2.000 pieces.
> >
> > Lucien
> "NORMAL" !! for a SLR lens stuck on a LTM mount? I am sure somebody will
> buy it but I doubt it will be me. I'd get the LTM Leica Summicron 50 if
> I had $1400 to spend, and have $$$ left over.
> Why would a Leica collector want this lens? Only if trying to have one
> of ever LTM thing in the world is what I see.
> Would be interesting to know how many Pentax sells.
> Dennis

- --
Dante Stella

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