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Subject: Re: [Leica] M grip questions
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 22:28:33 -0700
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Simon Stevens wrote:
> I have a couple or three questions about the M grip which I'm
> considering mostly to center that tripod mount. First, what is the
> general construction quality? Does it feel reasonably sturdy? I notice
> that it's pretty inexpensive for a Leica gadget. Secondly, how does it
> work for loading film? Do you have to remove it to take the baseplate
> off to load? Thirdly, has anyone used it with the Heliar 15mm? Do your
> knuckles protrude so far so as to run the risk of having them in the
> shot?
> Thanks!!
> Simon Stevens

I got one today.
Tried to get a 90 ASPH at camera world but no luck.
	Anyone have any suggestions?
So i picked up a grip and it's OK i don't love it.
But tomorrow I'll shoot a roll of Kodachrome 200 with it and I'll know more.
I don't use a camera strap so the grip makes the camera stay in my hand better
when dropped to my side.
I had it on a tripod head as well tonight and liked the way the grip put the
tripod hole in the center.
Although there is also much to be said about having it off the the side.
Very well contracted amazingly cheap in price $90 usd for Leica. That's not
quite two lens backs.
Mark W. Rabiner

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