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Subject: RE: [Leica] All Hail B.D. and Sara!
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 10:32:34 -0400

Thank you, Buzz - It was, indeed, a Legendary evening. To actually have Ted
in the flesh, along with Tina, Michael, and a host of others; to have people
spend an evening mostly talking photography, rather than equipment -
although it's a safe bet that at one point or another every M body in the
house was sporting someone's Noctilux - spreading Noctilust at an alarming
rate; to see Michael Hintlian's latest, amazing, work on his Big Dig
Project, Roy Zartarian's insects, Gerry Walden's stunning Epson 1270 color
prints, Rob Schneider's latest street work and informal childrens'
portraits; and on and on and on. And to actually hear Tina's genteel South
Carolina drawl - which, needless to say doesn't come through in her
Emails....Well, it was quite an evening, all made extra special by a
humongous side of smoked salmon personally
driven from the Lower East Side of Manhattan by Buzz Hausner, and the late
arrival of Martin and Eric The Red.

B. D.
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> Subject: [Leica] All Hail B.D. and Sara!
> While most other guests still sleep, I want to be the first to take to the
> list to thank B.D. and Sara Colen for hosting last evening's Boston LUG
> night.  It was wonderful.  Imagine being in the same room with Ted Grant,
> Tina Manly, Michael Hintlian, (as well as so many other photographers of
> great accomplishment) and at least a half a dozen Noctiluxes,
> while Eric the
> Red stands guard outside in the street.  I believe that Ted will
> be arriving
> on Cape Cod with a world class selection of single malt whiskys since so
> many of guests arrived with their own favorite bottle to share;
> however, at
> the time of our departure, the stock was still diminishing at an
> astonishing
> rate.  The finest aspect of the evening was the opportunity to meet and
> speak with so many people I have only met on the LUG.  A close
> second finest
> aspect was the opportunity to peruse the inspiring work of so many LUG
> photographers.  Thanks again to the Colens for being such
> gracious hosts to
> so lively a group!
> 	Buzz Hausner