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Subject: Re: [Leica] Wich Bag for a Leica M??
From: John Coan <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 21:34:35 -0400
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You're saying that if you have the camera around your neck and the bag
on your shoulder they could rub.  Yes, I think that's so.  Hasn't been a
problem for me so far but I'll watch for it.  If this turns out to be a
problem they could change the design and add a flap over the metal
zippers I suppose. Or simpler even, use plastic zippers -- they really
should have done this.  But I think they did the big zippers as a
stylistic feature.  Makes you want to scream!  This company really is
into fashion which I am not.  I like this bag for its utility.  As I
said before, it looks like a ladies pocketbook and I've never been the
kind of guy to carry one of those. (Not that there's anything wrong with

I looked them up on the Web.  Here's something from the Tiffen site:

Designed for the fashion conscious, these innovative bags have met the
challenge of protecting your equipment while retaining fashion, style,
convenience, and quality for which Kipling luggage is famous.  Click
here for
more detailed information

Kipling photo bags are low-key, so they do not announce “Photo gear
inside”. Each one features fabric that has a unique “brushed” finish,
and closed-cell padding to protect valuable gear. Models range from
small point and shoot cases, to backpack style bags, to roomy bags
for complete camera outfits.

This was at
Unfortunately, this site doesn't list the models and only says check
back here later.

Web search also revealed several vendors selling Kipling bags, including
Adorama, but no pictures so I still don't know what model mine is.

Kipling's own web site is full of stylish bags ( but no
camera bags are listed.

It's almost like they don't want you to know about their line of camera
bags.... or have given the marketing job to Tiffen and Tiffen has fallen
down on the job.  I noticed Tiffen also distributes Domke so perhaps
they are pushing that line.

Mark Rabiner wrote:
> John Coan wrote:
> >
> > Mark,
> > You are talking about the two big zippers on the front?  I didn't like
> ><Snip>
> > I just looked at mine to try and find the model number that fits the
> > Leica M but it isn't on there.  The dimensions are 9" wide, 6" deep, and
> > 8" tall (approx.)
> > John
> >
> metal munching zippers!
> They just look at your lens or camera and then what?
> mark

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