Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/09/11

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Subject: [Leica] STICKY ELMAR 2.8 / 50 ( NEW )
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:50:01 EDT

Hello all .
I've got to tell you one amazing story that happened to me yesteday :

A year ago I purchased a 35 cron Asph new , from a dealer in France . To help 
paying the thing , I offered the dealer to buy back my 2.8 / 50 Elmar , also 
new , that I had bought some times before that transaction , along with an M4 
that I traded for an M6 to Mikiro . 
My dealer bought the Elmar back and offered it for sale the day after , and 
he told me he sold the thing .

2 months ago , I bought a complete Minox III S kit , comprising many 
accessories like a Minox lightmeter a.s.o.
I bought this minox in a garage sale near my home . But yesterday , I decided 
that the Minox was a nice collector , but not very easy to use , practically 
speeking . So I showed it in another garage sale , also not too far from home 
A guy came in , and offered to trade it for some photo equipment , not saying 
what he wanted to give as an exchange .
This buddy told me not to move , and that he would come back in the afternoon 
I replyed OK , just come back and show me what you've got to trade for and I 
will tell you if it pleases me ! 
By the afternoon the guy comes back with a plastic bag containing a 2.8 / 50 
Elmar new !  I immediatly recognized the S/N , and , without telling him it 
was mine , I asked why he didn't come with the box and notice .
This is where he began asking how I new that the lens was accompained by its 
box ?  I told him that it was mine a few months ago and finally we traded the 
Minox for my Ex - futur Elmar .
The guy told me that he loved the Elmar but didn't want to let the Minox kit 
go away , and that we would probably buy another Elmar when money permits . 
Maybe I should go visiting my dealer again and RE-RE-sell him the Elmar again 
....But I will wait for friday and offer it on the LUG ( if I don't trade it 
before that time ! )