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Subject: RE: [Leica] Using Kodachrome 64
From: Jem Kime <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 14:31:49 +0100

I'm glad you brought up Steve McCurry's name. He's coming to Manchester 
(England) to present a talk promoting his latest book. Is he a Leica user 
(I'm sure this must have been mentioned before)?


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From:	Doug Nygren []
Sent:	11 September 2000 12:45
To:	Leica Users digest
Subject:	[Leica] Using Kodachrome 64

Over the weekend, I was talking with Steve McCurry, the National
Geographic photographer who shoots a lot for them in India and points
east. He said he shoots with Kodachrome 64 (ie. shot at 80) and
underexposes by a third of a stop so that colors are more saturated. I
do the opposite with color negative film, but I never play with ASA in
transparency film. I'm going to have to experiment with this and see how
it goes. Do any of you shoot your transparency film at slower ASA, do
you slightly underexpose for color saturation?

Doug Nygren