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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Battery adapter wanted (became a long story)
From: khmiska <>
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 10:20:59 -0400
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The idiocy of banning mercury has reached new heights in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
After a small mercury spill in a nearby school, the Ann Arbor city council passed
a resolution banning mercury thermometers. Owners of mercury fever thermometers
may trade theirs in for a non-Hg version at no charge. The idocy of it boggles the
Ann Arbor

John Coan wrote:

> There are other sources of mercury that were NOT banned, many with much larger
> quantities than tiny photo batteries.  Take for instance fluorescent lights.
> Or, as a personal example, I recently purchased a sphygmomanometer .  It
> contains about an ounce of pure elemental mercury.  How come that wasn't
> banned?  I think banning the batteries was a symbolic gesture and we
> photographers were sacrificed on the enviroalter.
> Buzz Hausner wrote:
> > Trust me, Hans-Peter, mercury is one very nasty environmental contaminant,
> > it is extremely toxic in even small doses and it may be both ingested in its
> > liquid form and inhaled as a vapor.  EU and US regulators were unusually
> > wise in banning the production of mercury batteries.  They were not being
> > capriciously mean to devotees of old photographic equipment.
> >
> >         Buzz Hausner
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> > Subject: [Leica] Re: Battery adapter wanted (became a long story)
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> > After all I find it stupid that EU and US legislators banned mercury
> > batteries instead of just requiring that new cameras, hearing aids etc.
> > shall work with mercury free batteries. Mercury cells in my cameras seem
> > to last for years instead of the 4 to 6 weeks quoted for zinc-air cells.
> > Are 30 to 60 zinc-air cells that I would need to purchase over five
> > years better for the environment than a single mercury cell, even
> > without recycling? Where is the proper environmental impact assessment
> > to prove that zinc-air is better? Why legislators are bashing the
> > minority of classic camera users, but not owners of 3 ton, 400 hp "sport
> > utilitiy vehicles"? Zinc-air is probably ok for hearing aids which suck
> > any battery in 4 weeks, for occasional use and low current applications
> > like photoelectric meters mercury is hard to beat. I am not really
> > willing to accept the limited life of the . Because the battery is
> > hidden inside the Rollei 35 and Leica CL, you can replace it only in the
> > dark or when you change the film.

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