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Subject: Re: [Leica] HEXAR RF vs. M5 vs. M6
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 02:31:25 -0700
References: <> <004d01c0196a$6bcf2820$650a0a0a@slamb>

Simon Lamb wrote:
> Jay Goldman wrote:
> SNIP  The 90 framelines on an M6 is laughable (there I go again).
> Jay
> Why do you say they are laughable?  I use a 90AA a lot of the time on my M6
> and I have had no problems whatsoever with framing accuracy.  Are you
> referring to accuracy in framing or something else?
> Simon

I'm getting a second 90 in the next week or so, an APO-SUMMICRON-M f/2/90mm ASPH!
It's probably the going to be the best lens in the history of the %*&^%^$ universe!
I already have the 2.8/90mm Elmarit-M and will be keeping it. Love it!
I'm already beating the pants off the Nikon/Canon mindless unwashed hordes if
you ask me.
Now I'll beat the pants off myself!

I will be doing many shoots with a 90 mounted on each body, the new winder will
be on the second body my existing perfectly working Leica winder M on the other.

So I'll have two winder driven bodies with 90's, one with color the other with
black and white.
I've worked this way extensively with Nikons, so now I'll finally do it with Leica's.
LOVE watching the strobe go off in that viewfinder.
The 90 framelines are wonderful. I like them much better than shooting with
SLR's and being zoomed into that perspective.

I also love the framelines on the 135 and love using the current version of that lens
mark w rabiner

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