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Subject: RE: [Leica] Trying Leicas
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 09:45:53 -0400

Now THAT is the kind of "collector's" cabinet I like to hear about!:-)

B. D.

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> Subject: [Leica] Trying Leicas
> Dan Honemann wrote:
> >A local shop _used_ to rent Leica gear, but no more.  I asked 
> why not, and
> >they said Leica buyers were so finicky that no one would purchase their
> >rented gear. 
> Years ago when interning at Nat. Geographic I was going out on a story
> and Gilka just pointed at a room and said grab whatever you need.  I
> wandering into the storeroom full of cameras, lights, whatever and found
> a large cabinet filled top to bottom, front to back with Leica gear. 
> Rows of bodies, lenses of every type in multiples, everything.  'course
> most was "user" quality, banged and battered, beautiful to my eyes,
> thinking of the hands that had used them and the eyes that had looked
> through them and the things all over the world those Leicas had seen.
> I picked out a batch of stuff to supplement what I already had and of
> course picked too much and mostly just used my M2 and 35 'cron.  
> But oh what a deliciously wonderful time I had in the cabinet!
> donal
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> Donal Philby
> San Diego