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Subject: [Leica] was: Bokeh Nokeh now language courtesy
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 13:06:15 -0700
References: <000a01c00f8d$e69b0ba0$>

"B. D. Colen" wrote:

>>>>>>>>First off, the use of "orient" and "oriental" has for some time
been quite offense to many Asian folks...second off, as someone pointed
out, English was not the first language of so many
> of the Leica "greats" sited by the original poster, and they undoubtedly
> used terms from their own languages. 
> While the whole PC thing has undoubtedly gone WAY too far, a little bit of
> cultural sensitivity never hurt anyone, particularly on an international
> list such as this.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hi B.D.
As the LUG is truly international by membership, it's very important for
folks to remember that it is and because the language of LUG is English,
it may not be the language of choice for many members around the planet.
Therefore what maybe acceptable in back alley conversation certainly
isn't acceptable within the LUG family!

I agree when posting, it is necessary to be "culturally astute" in
respect to all members, as the common bond we have in respecting each
other is our Leicas.  And that is the common language that bonds us
together as equals.

There isn't any need for "cultural disrespect" in discussing the likes
and dislikes of photography in any language and as you say, >>>>
"English was not the first language of so many of the Leica "greats"
<<<<<<<<<<< even so today!

One should think about what they've written that can easily be a slight
to another national before clicking "send," as it would save personal
attacks after and possible create unfortunate feelings between friends. 

Victoria, Canada

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