Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/08/24

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Subject: [Leica] M6-Film transport/Rewind Problems
From: Denis Boisclair <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 17:16:17 +0100

My immaculate 1998 M6 - bought a few weeks ago - has a problem!!

After successfully using  two films it's been a case of 'third time unlucky!

When I tried to rewind film 3(exposed to No 39) the rewind handle was hard 
to turn and  locked solid quite quickly. I had to open the back and cut 
across the film  before I could pull the exposed section away from the take 
up spool. I  also discovered that the film had become 'unlocked' inside the 
cassette  and it just pulled out from that end

  I inserted another film - 'exposed blanks' to no 36 and then rewound it - 
it felt ok and there was the release feeling when it came away from the 
take up spool. Opened the back and just a short section of film was 
protruding from the cassette.

Reinstalled the film and took the pictures - or so I thought - the film had 
never transported! I felt the 'release' from the take up spool as soon as I 
started the rewind.

I have spoken on the 'phone to a Leica repairer(of 40 years experience) and 
he talked me through some checks ,after which he thought the problem might 
lie with the take up spool clutch rather than the mechanism inside the top 
housing. As I live only two hours drive from him he suggested I take the 
camera to him and he will do a spot check - and hopefully sort out the 
problem while I am there - this will be on Saturday.

My main reason for this posting is to see if any other LUG member has had a 
similar problem with an M6.......?????????

Denis Boisclair
(Northwich, UK)