Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/08/24

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Subject: [Leica] 18% grey-free post (it seems pretty black and white to me)
From: Paul Chefurka <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:21:15 -0700

>From: Ted Grant []
>Paul Chefurka wrote:
>> And what, pray tell, is so wrong with curiosity, Ted?  Isn't 
>> a healthy interest in the workings of the world (and even
>> its light meters) one of a photographer's greatest assets?
>Not a thing wrong with it, certainly the "workings of the world."  But
>I'm amazed at what appears to be a lot of time beating gums over a
>nothing topic. As where is the metering taking place etc.

Sure, it's a minor topic.  But it is (mirabile dictu) a Leica-related
question, unlike so much of what slides by on my screen.

A couple of things are happening here, I think.  First, it's a question a
lot of people knew something about, and the urge to contribute finally found
its outlet.  Second, there haven't been a lot of meaty topics here lately,
and people will talk about anything when they're bored.  For instance, "Is
Leica's new web-site design worthy?"

And I don't need to remind anyone that Dan Cardish went out and took some
actual pictures (some of them maybe even with Leica lenses) and kindly
posted them for our perusal.  And look where *that* got him :-/  Better to
stick to non-controversial topics like meter mechanics, I guess.