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Subject: Re: [Leica] Suggestions for Europe Trip
From: "Roger L. Bunting" <>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 19:18:32 -0500
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I think Europe is the perfect place for the 24mm lens. In many of the
places you are going at least the city scapes are very compressed with
narrow streets, shops, alleys and walkways. I've used a 24mm extensively
there but not on my Leica... still saving. I use the 35mm almost
exclusively and keep the 50 f1.4 in my pocket for those maximum aperture
shots. My two body preference would to be set one up with the 24 the
other with the 35. Keep both out in the city. Take the 50 to the pubs.

Some of the museums have lifted their flash ban, just too hard to
enforce with the hoard of P&S cameras. However in doing so they have
locked up the light sensitive treasures behind lots of absorbing glass.
A real disappointment. I try to avoid the whole flash scene. I load my
M's with my favorite ISO400 and take mostly that ISO. I take at least
one roll of Reala and buy the rest on the road. For a flash, I carry an
Olympus Epic with ISO400. 

My tripod is a Bogen 3008 table top with small ball head. Very useful
and a little larger than a banana. I probably would not use the 90mm
very much. When I've had access to one, it's usually not used at all.

Be prepared to cover things up when traveling in extremely crowded
public transportation. I've never had a problem with theft but it is on
my mind as it is in any situation I can't control. I've had trouble
being so crowded in undergrounds that lenses manage to find belt
buckles, motorcycle jacket zippers, etc. I keep a Domke f5XB bag for a
quick deposit of equipment when I need to control it.

Have a great trip, enjoy the people on the tour. Teach a buddy to use
one of your cameras (the digital?) and be sure to get into some of the


pfang wrote:
> Luggers -
> I need your sound advice for an upcoming 14 day Europe
> Trip that I'm taking with (cringe!) a tour group.
> To provide you with a little context, I will be
> traveling to London, Paris, Lucerne, Innsbruck, Rome,
> Florence / Tuscany, and Venice.
> I currently have the following for my core leica
> equipment: 2 M6's, 35/2, 50/1.4, 90/2.8. I also
> purchased a Sony S70 digital camera for other shots..
> What are your recommendations for the following:
> 1) Color Print Film (B+W is a given)
> I'm not sure whether I should get more Fuji NPH 400 or
> Reala 100. I've heard that many of the museums do not
> allow you to take flash photos, so it would make sense
> for me to get a faster film, but I give up some on
> grain.
> 2) Tripod
> I currently have a Bogen 3221 with 3030 head, that I
> use primarily for my 4x5. I'm definitely not into
> lugging that around, and am considering the following
> setup:
> 1) Bogen 3001 with 3030 head, or:
> 2) Monopod, or:
> 3) Small budget Slik U8000, or:
> 4) Smaller budget Slik Compact, and/or:
> 5) Mini Tripods
> In addition to weight as a factor, I've also heard
> that most museums won't let you take a tripod in the
> building.
> 3) Wide Angle Lens
> I'm contemplating the purchase of a 24 or 21mm M Lens,
> in order to capture everything. One of my concerns it
> that the usage will not justify the cost (possibly
> $1500).
> 3) Any other things you would suggest???
> I appreciate your help!
> Peter
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