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Subject: Vs: [Leica] Performers and flare
From: "Raimo Korhonen" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 18:13:30 +0200

Yeah - but how do we get a certain angry person to read it?
All the best!
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Päivä: 09. elokuuta 2000 10:08
Aihe: Re: [Leica] Performers and flare

>this is another keeper!
>These couple of figures show so clear what happens: The contrast is reduced by
>cutting something in the dark areas.
>> contrast, we have a rnage of 100 to 0.25 lux, indicating light and dark
>> areas, which is a contrast of 400:1. Add a uniform flare level of 0.25 lux
>> and we now have 100.25 and 0.5, giving a contrast of 200:1. The effect on
>> the dark areas is big and on the lighter areas to be neglected. This example