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Subject: Re: [Leica] U.S. Customs
From: Dante A Stella <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 23:14:04 -0400
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Yes.  I was coming back from London to Detroit in March 98, the only one in a
long line of people returning from Tijuana.  I had a leather coat and jeans and
hadn't slept for three days.  They were blonde and tan and wearing shorts.  Those
guys took everything apart, checked every film can, had me rewind the film in my
camera and take it out, even pried open my boot heels.  Sons of bitches.

Nathan Wajsman wrote:

> Has any of the LUGgers here ever actually been questioned about the content of
> their camera bag when entering the U.S.? I have done so several times, both
> when I lived there and since moving to Europe; mostly via JFK or Newark but
> also Orlando on one occasion. None of the customs officers ever expressed any
> interest in anything beyond getting the white form you fill out on the plane.
> Nathan
> "Richard E. Baznik" wrote:
> > Never have, though I take steps to minimize the possiblity. Before leaving,
> > I make up a list of the gear I'm going to carry, complete with serial
> > numbers for all items. I ask Customs to stamp it before I leave (they've
> > never actually asked to see the gear before stamping the list, since
> > they're not really certifying that the list actually matches my gear --
> > though the opportunity to check it is clearly there). This is not a
> > guarantee that I won't be grilled on my return, of course, but the
> > authority of an official Customs date stamp is considerable within the
> > organization.
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