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Subject: Re: [Leica] U.S. Customs
From: "Richard E. Baznik" <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 17:09:44 -0400

Never have, though I take steps to minimize the possiblity. Before leaving,
I make up a list of the gear I'm going to carry, complete with serial
numbers for all items. I ask Customs to stamp it before I leave (they've
never actually asked to see the gear before stamping the list, since
they're not really certifying that the list actually matches my gear --
though the opportunity to check it is clearly there). This is not a
guarantee that I won't be grilled on my return, of course, but the
authority of an official Customs date stamp is considerable within the

BTW, I also include on my list any other items that could be questioned
(watch, binocs, computer, etc.).///REB

At 03:09 PM 8/7/00 -0500, Bill Satterfield wrote:
>Have any of you had any trouble with customs when returning with the
>Leica equipment you took with you. I understand they have a form but my
>travel agent said she had never been questioned. She has been to Europe
>4 times.

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