Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/07/28

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Subject: [Leica] Re: A new C1 for Cindy?
From: pfang <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 08:59:42 -0700 (PDT)

I usually shoot 2xM6's, and purchased a C1 for the
significant other. I had a chance to shoot with it
just for kicks...

Couple of comments:

The good:
1) Shots are definitely better in terms of contrast
and resolution than what I've seen from other P+S
cameras. I've tested on Leica Z2X, Pentax 928, and
Olympus 35.
2) Metering is accurate - I've NOT seen a single
poorly metered shot as of yet, but then again, I
haven't tested on slide yet.
3) Range is REALLY good - I can't think of a single
Zeiss (Contax) or Leica camera with a moderate wide
(38mm) to Tele (110mm). It does it all in one elegant
4) Fixed Zoom Increments - this could be a advantage
or disadvantage based on shooting style. You are stuck
in increments of I believe...38, 60, 75, 90 and 110mm
5) It looks good - metal construction...'nuff said

Some issues:

1) Buttons - the user needs to have small fingertips
(or long nails) to press on the buttons to the left of
the LCD and the on/off switch...
2) Shutter / Focus Lag - I'm not sure if it's the
shutter or the AF system, but I tend to notice a bit
of a lag after I depress the shutter...
3) Aperture Control - an issue for me, but not an
issue for the S.O. 

I guess the alternatives with zoom are: Contax TVS or
T2, Rollei Pregos, and Leica Minilux Zooms. 

Overall, a pretty solid camera. It's very simple to
use, looks like a machine, and produces some of the
best pictures available in a P+S. 

(and...btw...she loves it!)



Meant as a light alternative to my R5+gear, the
Minilux has served me
well.  Fantastic images that really propel the Minilux
to the top of
its genre.  My significant other has recently
expressed a desire for a
small Leica of her own and has shunned the idea of a
"boxy" Minilux or
Minilux zoom in favor of the svelte curves of the
newer C1.  While she
appreciates good photos and has an eye for
composition, she says she
lacks the patience to manually fidget with her camera
and wants
something easy to live with.  When I mentioned the
smaller aperatures
she would have to live with, she just smiled and gave
me the "you've
got to be kidding" look.  OK, fine.  I just want to
know if anyone on
the list has any experience with this camera or seen
any resulting

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