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Subject: RE: [Leica] RE: how to clean a lens
From: "Bergman, Mark A." <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 06:25:12 -0500

I have in recent years always used one of those handy little lens cloths.  I
carry it all the time and also use it for my glasses.  I was never adverse
to using my shirt as long as it was 100% cotton (being taught many years ago
that cotton was OK anything else, especially synthetics, was too hard).
Anyway on a recent trip I lost my lens cloth and while in a mall dropped
into one of those mini-photo retailers (Wolf, Ritz??) and picked up a new
cloth.  Guess what!  The cleaning cloths are made from poly-esther.  Old
Leisure suits make a come back.

I also think the new lens coatings are very very hard.  Unlike my coated
eyeglasses were you can wipe it right off.

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From: Ken Wilcox []
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2000 8:45 PM
Subject: [Leica] RE: how to clean a lens


I think that you will find that Leica's modern lenses have VERY hard
coating. I wipe the modern ones with whatever is handy and haven't managed
to mar one yet. This includes that some rather hard rubbing to remove nasty

One my pre-70s lenses I try to be a little more careful but I've never
marred one of them either.

They are tough! Don't sweat it.

Ken Wilcox

At 8:52 -0400 7/24/0, a fine scholar, Dan Honemann wrote:

>!!! Man, you just made my sides ache.
>Seriously, I remember reading something or other about the multi-coated
>surface where you're not supposed to just blow on the lens or rub any ol'
>thing on it.  Not true?  I'd hate to destory a thousand dollar lens because
>I carelessly wiped my shi*t tail on it. :)
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>> Subject: RE: [Leica] how to clean a lens
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>> That s---t tail was an honest-to-God typo...Honest..To God! B.D.
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>> >
>> > "B. D. Colen" wrote:
>> > >
>> > > What is all this nonsense about how to clean a lens....Blow on
>> > it. Spit on
>> > > it. Pull out your shit tail. Give it a good scrubbing. Go take
>> > photos. :-)
>> > > B. D.
>> > >
>> > I use my; oops you lift out the r.! shirt tail, but only if there
>> > is no (never mind).
>> >
>> > I love the reactions i get from visiting LUGnuts when I clean my
>> > lenes this way
>> > right in front of them!
>> > Mark Rabiner
>> > railroad crossing look out for the cars, spell IT with out any "r"s.
>> >

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