Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/07/13

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Digital musings
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:11:05 -0700

Mike (Stone),

Thanks for your very informative reply to my question.

>>one of my photographer friends has just invested in a
Heidleberg pre press scanner, all  8500.00 of it and the the results he
has been getting for me out of that from medium format are phenomenal,<<

Interesting you should say that. One change for me, since going digital, is
that I'm shooting 35mm almost exclusively -- and that, of course, means
Leica. In fact, I sold my Mamiya 6MF system and bought two more Leica
lenses this year (both M). I've thought about selling my Hasselblad system.
It's locked away and only comes out occasionally to fire the shutters.
Worse thing that can happen to a Haselblad is non-use. I keep thinking
about a "100/2.8" and "Noct" and a few other Leica lenses. I'll by both
if/when I sell the Hasselblad. So in my personal experience, going digital
has been good for Leica sales.

You also mentioned you have the Nikon LS-30. I, too, went that route. I
spent a day using it side-by-side with a 2000. Using all types of slides I
didn't see much difference. In the end I went for the LS-30. Granted I know
much more now and could probably squeeze more out of the 2000. However, I
said if I found a really important photo that needed more than the LS-30,
I'd send it out for a drum scan. But so far I've never done so, and I've
had the LS-30 for nearly a year.