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Subject: Re: [Leica] Lens Cleaning
From: john <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 09:36:48 +0100
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Ted Grant wrote:
> Cleaning lenses.  Hey no big deal.
> Hi Gang,
> The old timers around here have probably been waiting for the usual lens
> cleaning lesson from the old fart! ;-)
> As has been noted in several posts, it seems a bunch of you lads have
> got your tails in a twitch about cleaning Leica glass, hell the only
> thing you haven't mentioned  yet is gasoline and burning it clean! ;-)
> This cleaning thing is such a no brainer I'm always surprised how many
> go through such turmoil over using a little spit & polish or heavy
> breathing, a shirt tail or well worn under shorts technique.
> For the new folks: :-)
> You have been creating the finest lens cleaning cloth every time you sit
> on your under shorts! Sure better than those expensive impregnated
> cleaning cloths.  There isn't anything softer or with better cleaning
> capabilities than a good bit of heavy breathing on the lens surface and
> a gentle circular rubbing with a piece of well worn under shorts.
> I bet you just been throwing out the "worn soft"  worlds greatest under
> short cleaning clothes all these years without giving it a thought.   So
> from now on here's the plan:
> Cut the largest piece of the under short left, fold it up, put in small
> freezer bag to keep it clean and put it in your camera equipment bag,
> from then on anytime you need to clean the lens, blow off anything extra
> lying around on the surface, no don't go and buy them airgun things,
> waste of money what the hell do you think a full set of lungs are for!
> Blow stuff off, breathe hard with your hot breath on glass and gently
> rub!  Clean as a whistle!  And apart from buying the original
> undershorts you have used a "no cost" cleaning cloth!  Now isn't that simple?
> Now you young lads don't come back to me with all kinds of mamby pamby
> scratch lens stuff and whining, it don't happen if you follow the old
> fart's instructions correctly!  Been using this method for more years
> than most of you have been on planet earth or using Leica. Yep and my
> lenses are sparkly clean all the time.  Well Ok sometimes! ;-)
> Now enough already.  All together now, under shorts off, oops!  I mean,
> clean just washed undershorts, cut out sit upon side, breath hard on
> glass, rub and clean. If it still looks grungie, breathe again, rub again.
> For the timid in the crowd may I suggest watching Leica techs cleaning a
> lens and you'd go into cardiac arrest! Yep sometimes it's, breath hard
> and rub.  And I mean rub hard!
> So relax, the money you just saved by not buying them airgun and
> impregnated cloth things, buy film, go take pictures. Have a clean lens.
> :-) And for heaven sake have fun!  :-)
> ted
Which side do you use on the glass, the brown side or the yellow?
John Shick :-)

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