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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: A dog named "Leica"
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 11:43:17 -0700
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>         A local fine art photographer and printer, Manfried Bucheit has a
>3 legged dog named............. wait of it...
>Greg Locke

ok, ok, did you ever hear of the band called 'tripod jimmy'? (no, i'm not
making this up). they were a trio from cleveland, the leader was guitarist
tom herman, of pere ubu fame. the other two members included a drummer
(whose name i've forgotten) and ... this is the magical part ... a tripod
with a tape recorder that endlessly played a loop of a dog barking. the dog
was supposedly of the three-legged variety and belonged to herman's
neighbor, if i recall.

great f****** band. i played on a bill with them many years ago, in the now
spiritually defunct 'anti-club' in hollywood (corner of normandy and
melrose, for you l.a.-ites).

never saw a leica in that place.

guess that makes this off topic.



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