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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: A dog named "Leica"
From: "Henning J. Wulff" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 21:51:52 -0700
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At 5:30 PM -0700 6/1/00, Guy Bennett wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> According to Hasselblad Compendium author Richard Norlin,  Victor
>>> once had a dog named "Leica,"  apparently in his youth when he was a Leica
>>> user.  "We can only guess what his dog may have been like, but I doubt
>>> Barnack ever had a cat named Victor," Norlin said.
>>What color was George Washingtons white horse?
>>What was the name of Victor Hasselblad's dog named Leica?
>>Mark Rabiner
>>Victor being a much better name for a dog!
>i personally like:
>- fido
>- rover
>- spot
>for a dog.
>the last two take a moment to decode, so cut from their quotidian roots
>have the names become.
>the first one remains quite mysterious to me.

Comes from 'true' or 'loyal' in Latin.

I had a hunch back in 1961 in High School that this Latin stuff would come
in handy one day. Glad it finally did.

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