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Subject: [Leica] Something useful
From: "Sal DiMarco,Jr." <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 14:53:09 -0400

Lugger & Leggers,
    Instead of complaining about differences in Leica lenses, making
comments about being polite (IMO- the original poster was correct) or
endless chatter about whether or not your LHSA black paint camera will
appreciate in value. I suggest the following......
    Let each of us, recommend our favorite photo books. Since, this is my
idea, I will set up the rules...

1.- One book only per category.
2.- No "me too's," ditto's, etc. If someone beat you to a recommendation, so
3.- No trashing anyone choices. No praising either.
4.- The categories are:
                                    A.- Favorite Leica Toy (equipment) book
                                    B.- Favorite Picture book (non-Leica
photographers are permitted)
                                    C.- Favorite Non-Photo Photo book.
(biographies, etc.)
5.- Please include, Title, author, publisher, year of publication, Library
of Congress Number and a VERY short (two sentences at most) review.
6.- Please post your selections, no private e-mails please.
7.- Deadline is D-Day June 6, 2000.

    I will compile the list, and hopefully a couple of week after the
deadline, I will post it. Maybe, we can convince the list owners to store it
some place where it is easily retrievable.
        To start things off, here are my selections:

A.- Leica Illustrated History (Vols. 1, 2, & 3) by James J. Lager; Lager
Limited Editions;  1993, 1994, 1998.; v1= ISBN-0-9636973-1-5/ v2= ISBN
0-9636973-2-3/ v3= ISBN 0-9636973-3-1.
        The most complete collection of Leica equipment to date, including
some of my old toys.

B.- Larry Burrows- Compassionate Photographer by The Editors of Life;
Time-Life Books; 1972; ISBN 72-88529
        The posthumous collection of the photographs of this world class
photographer and gentleman.

C.- W. Eugene Smith- Shadow & Substance by Jim Hughes, McGraw-Hill
Publishing Co.; 1989; ISBN 0-07-031123-4
        This is The biography of Gene Smith. It shows the reality of this
brilliant photographer and flawed human being. His last wife, Aileen said
she couldn't bring herself to finish reading it.

Happy Snapping,

Sal DiMarco, Jr.

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