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Subject: Re: [Leica] Paris & Tripod
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 05:41:11 -0700
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Laurent SAMINADAYAR wrote:

> in France, for a reason I could not conceive, photography is
> forbidden in public places (railways satation for example). <<<<<<<<<<

Bonjour Larurent,

Merci.  It seems the Paris of old may have gone mad with over protection
of itself and life of the Parisian.  Imagine HCB of the past being
confronted by the local constabulary everytime he wished to photograph
such a wonderful city as Paris.

I can only assume there were no gendarme in the Paris railway station
while I killed time photographing  people like myself waiting for their
train departure.   I found the station a gold mine of lovers parting
from, what obviously must have been an amorous weekend in Paris, or if
it wasn't they sure as hell were making great use of the station. :-)

Suggestion to LUGNUTS visiting Paris:  make plans to spend at least a
morning or afternoon in the main railway station, Gare du Nord. It's
like nothing else you've seen for smooching and hugging and ?, well not
quite,  but damn close in quiet little corners.  Vive la difference! :-)

It's a veritable heavan for people pictures with an M6 or any other
rangefinder Leica! Lots of soft light from overhead skylights that one
woud be plain out and out stupid to think flash. And if a gendarme 
(police officer) tells you to stop, even if you don't understand what
he's saying you'll get the message,  play absolutely dumb tourist, big
smiles and say, "Merci, Merci!" a lot.  At least they wont throw you in
the Bastille and behead you these days! ;-)

>>>>>>>But you can ask for an authorization at the proper service of
Paris mayor.
> Just a little story : a couple of month ago, journal had to pay a
> fine for he did publish photography of ... "les volcans d'Auvergne".
> The same thing happened to the magazine "Réponse Photo" because he
> published picture of the brand new "Bibliothèque François
> Mitterrand": as a creation, the architect owns the copyright for any
> picture of the building.<<<<<<<<<<<<

So there you have it folks. First stop on arrival in Paris a visit to
the Mayor's office for what I assume is a "picture permit to photograph
whatever you like."  (I bet they charge a hefty price for the
priviledge)  But this seems to only apply if you use a "TRIPOD!" As  I
was told by the gendarme that I could use my camera all I wanted, but
"could not use a tripod as that made me a professional!"

Heck folks even without a tripod it's sure one great place for picture
taking.  Beautiful women, (notice my first choice priorities), all walks
of life and street locations. The food and wines are incredible, which
makes relaxing at a sidewalk cafe such a wonderful picture taking
experience. It's a great way to spend an afternoon clicking away as the
world passes by! :-)

"Paris. Vive la difference!" :-) 
Merci Laurent.


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