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Subject: Re: [Leica] Hospital filter
From: J Vaughan <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 07:49:47 -0700 (PDT)

- --- wrote:
> If you have so much time (6 weeks), you can do one of three things:
> 1.- buy a FL-D filter that will convert Fluorescent light temperature
> to
> almost daylight.
> 2.- buy or rent a color meter, visit one of the birthing rooms and
> measure
> the light temperature. A cheap Gossen Sixtycolor should do the trick
> (on
> eBay they are about 50 bucks), or you can rent one for about 20
> dollars per
> day from your local pro shop
> 3.- use B/W film with a light yellow filter. Renders flesh tones
> nicer on
> current film emulsions.
> -_______________
> Andrei D. Calciu
> NEC America, Inc.
Though I think these are great ideas I would suggest this...
 Since you have 6 weeks go to the Hospital and tell them you are
looking for permission to perform some film tests in the Hospital.
Explain why etc..
Once you have their permission SHOOT 10  or so rolls of film and get 
the results. I keep a small notebook with me to record wierd light
situations so I can commit them to memory.
Also I shoot photographs of a piece of paper with the film type written
on it... that way when all is processed I know what film I was shooting
by looking at the first couple frames.
Once you have  done this you will KNOW Through your own powers what
works for you and not from what a bunch of people say.
Since you will undoubtedly have a few nice shots from your tests I
would take a nice portfolio to the Hospitals PR dept. and sell them
some images.
Hospitals are often looking for some new shots of their facilities...


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