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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: OT Ancient Ceremonies
From: "Henning J. Wulff" <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 19:37:27 -0700
References: <>

At 5:58 PM -0400 5/18/00, M.E.Berube - GoodPhotos wrote:
>At 11:24 AM 5/18/00 -0700, Johnny Deadman wrote:
>>on 18/5/00 6:43 pm, Henning J. Wulff at wrote:
>> > At 9:51 AM -0700 5/18/00, Guy Bennett wrote:
>> >>> M.E.Berube - GoodPhotos jotted down the following:
>> >>>
>> >>>> This: is probably the
>> most fun
>> >>>> that I've had shooting a wedding in a LONG time.
>> >>>
>> >>> FYI, Clicking on the pictures doesn't work using Internet Explorer 5 and
>> >>> MacOS 9.
>> >>>
>> >>> M.
>> >> nor using netscape and i don't remember which mac os.
>> >
>> > Netscape 4.6 and Mac OS 8.6 works fine.
>>Shouldn't! The HTML is screwed. Look at it. IE5 on OS9, as if it matters.
>It must matter. Maybe using a Micro$oft product on a MAC using OS9 doesn't
>agree with the scripting?
>I have been forced into an IBM ThinkPad for work and sold my MAC but the
>site is rocking in Win98 v.2 using Navigator 4.08, Opera 3.6, IE5 or Lynx.
>(Though it kind of looses graphical significance with Lynx.)
>Can you browse the rest of my site ok? (For this page I used a different
>script to bring the individual pictures up in 'sized non-functional
>separate windows.' That may be causing the problem with OS9 and IE5?) Can
>anyone else with this MAC/M$ combo get in? I liked the tailored windows but
>if they are causing problems for up to date MAC/IE5 users I can switch it
>back to fully functional pop ups.

OK. Went back to have another look at it. OS 8.6 and Netscape 4.6 were
fine, as I noted above. IE 5 doesn't work. iCab Pre2.0 doesn't work.
Netscape 4.0 works. Netscape 3 doesn't work. IE 4.5 doesn't work. IE 4.0
doesn't work. Don't have anything with OS9 on it around here at the moment.

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