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Subject: Re: [Leica] "Quick" DOF calculation
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 16:42:21 EDT

In a message dated 5/18/00 2:26:12 PM, writes:

>Bob, liked your stuff.  I think your being a bit too hard on yourself
(except for the scan quality -- man, those are BAAAAAD scans! ;)

Yep, they are. I threw that site together without actually learning how to 
use Photoshop or PageMill. I realize it's pretty crude. The whole thing was 
totally seat of the pants and, quite frankly, long forgotten. I have learned 
at least a little bit about Photoshop since then but haven't had the time to 
mess with the site. It sounds like Rural Missouri is finally going to build a 
site so maybe soon I'll have something better to point people to. Actually 
the only reason I gave the URL was because somebody asked to see some of my 
photos and that was the only thing I had to show them. 

>The shot of the man in the hat on the train, drinking and reading a paper
>is great.  The others are a little cliché, but I guess that's what your
customers are looking for.

I'll offer the man in the hat as an alternative to so-called "street 
photography." I suspect that the street photographer would have snuck the 
guy's photo. I talked to him, told him what I was doing and asked him if he 
minded if I shot a few pictures. He agreed, I sat back and watched. 
Eventually we shot the breeze a bit and I shot some more photos. He was a 
good conversation, he was a nice guy -- though with a pretty screwed up life 
it sounded like. In all, I got a lot more out of the encounter than I would 
have if I had stolen his picture. Plus, I believe the photo is just as honest 
and real as it would have been if it had been a slanted horizon, 
shot-from-the-hip "street" photo.

>The panorama of the sheepdog is another nice one: is it a panorama, or
>has it been compressed for the web-site?  The aspect ratio looks odd.>

Again just lack of knowing what I was doing with Page Mill. I really should 
fix that, shouldn't I? 

>And that final image: The is one RELAXED dog!  Personally, I think I'd 
adjust the
colours a bit on that: The red is too distracting and the man's complexion
seems a bit ruddish/yellowish.

You're right. Like I said, I know it's a pitiful effort. I really should just 
pull the whole thing down but I haven't found time for that either. I'm too 
busy making new photos, writing stories, wasting time on this computer and 
carrying on my "real" life to mess with the site . . . 

Bob (guilty of a bad webpage) McEowen