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Subject: [Leica] FPS/Leica wedding (long)
From: Gary Elshaw <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 13:25:08 +1200

A big Thank You to the Luggers who sent through information about 
motor drives in 1968. Very much appreciated, and there will be large 
servings of your choice in way of thanks. It's enabled a very 
different angle on my thesis that will shake the foundations of the 
academic world. Probably not, but it would be nice if the academic 
world took the films i'm doing a little more seriously.

Other than that, i took some time out with my Leicas the other 
afternoon after computer stress disorder started driving me nuts. I 
think i got some good shots down town here, but didn't quite get 
through the rolls of film in the M3 and Leica III. I went to a 
wedding last month and shot a number of rolls of Tri-X and thought i 
should process the negs. i'll leave the nasty Kodak gold i got from 
the gas station on the way from one part of the wedding to the next 
to a lab... I should explain the wedding, because if any of you are 
planning anything like this, you'll probably leave your guests 
exhausted, but very happy. And it was by far the best wedding i've 
been to in this 'old friends get married' year.

I think just about all of my closest friends have got married in the 
last year. Most of them surprised me doing this, but none more so 
than Adrian. OK, Aid, decides that they're going to have a wedding. 
First things first.

The theme of the wedding is The Love Boat meets Hawaii Five-O and the 
costuming is mandatory. All guests must comply with awful 1970's/80's 
fashions because the guests are being taken for a cruise around the 
harbour and the ceremony is being performed by the captain of the 
boat. As part of my official duties the ceremony is performed and i 
do a reading of a (excuse the pun) doctored copy of Dr Seuss' 'Oh, 
the places you'll go!' after the vows are done. I'm looking replete 
with facial growth which is in accordance with the Motorhead fan 
club. Suffice to say, i look sufficiently criminal there isn't a 
judge who wouldn't convict me for just about anything on appearance 
alone. So everyone ate hor's d'ourves and drank champagne on the boat 
and had a good time for 4 hours. The bride looks beautiful, and my 
friend Adrian is wearing the worst suit i have ever seen in my life. 
Baby blue, late 1960's synthetic fabric, crotch grabbing, arse 
hugging, just awful. To cap it off he is wearing $2 mauve sunglasses.
I was a little worried about shooting on the boat. It had glass 
ceilings and the light was bouncing around all over the place, and 
the awning at the back subdued almost all of the details, but the 
shots on the boat are great and the DR performed well. This lens 
always amazes me what it can pull off/forgive.

after the cruise it is off the boat and on to a bus the destination 
is a viewing area looking over Dunedin. The previous evening Adrian 
and i had been making a series of compilation tapes for the bus and 
boat. This includes all sorts of weird stuff. Beatnik poetry 
readings, traditional 70's stuff like the theme from 'Shaft',  but 
also some truly wonderful things like a version of 'Up, up and 
away..done on the sitar. Yes folks, this wedding has a soundtrack 
that is a trip in itself. Getting off the bus, at a service station i 
restock on the awful Kodak Gold stuff. Back on the bus and up the 
hill to the look-out where a large vat of cocktails was prepared with 
much toasting and photographs. And of course i haven't bought the 135 
Hektor with me. Grrr. The DR 50 is covering all of this, which is ok, 
but the scenery is lost, and i wish i had a 24/28 too. After many 
cocktails the bus takes us to a fantastic beach where the bride and 
groom hang Lei's over everyone and break folks up into groups and 
hand them patanque (sp?) sets and everyone plays and watches the 
sunset drinking more cocktails. Doing a mock points score the bride 
and groom then give each of the guests presents/prizes. Lots of Kodak 
Gold shot here, portraits of the couple and people goofing on the 
beach. By this point neither my hands or my legs are very steady and 
i'm spending a lot of time grinning at my friend Tam who has had 
sufficient cocktails he's self-proclaiming the king-hood of patanque 

Back on the bus and off to a Tepanyaki restaurant for food, saki and 
speeches. Afterwards the couple disappear with many goodbyes and 
thank yous, and those who haven't collapsed from sheer exhaustion 
disappear for a coffee crawl in the city. A group of us after many 
coffees disappear back to Adrian's and collapse into unconsciousness 
with very large smiles on our faces. Some of us have even bigger 
smiles because we had our M3 with us.

Best of light,

- -- 

"The difficulty now is that unexceptional adults believe the loss of 
youthful dreaming is itself "growing up," as though adulthood were 
the passive conclusion to a doomed activity and hope during 

OO             The Uses of Disorder
[_]<|          Personal Identity and City Life -- Richard Sennett
Gary Elshaw
Post-Grad Film Student
Victoria University
New Zealand