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Subject: RE: [Leica] Filters/adapters for E55 and E60
From: "Thomas L. Weatherly" <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:45:04 -0700

B&H PhotoVideo sells a generic stepup ring 60->62.  I purchased four or five
of them last year because this appeared to be the only source for an adapter
which would allow me to use standard filter sizes on my Leica lenses with
E60 filter size.  Also, Tiffen makes (or made) a 60->55 stepdown ring, and
possibly others.  Consult the "filter wizard" at

Tom Weatherly

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> Rabiner
> Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 10:37 AM
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Filters/adapters for E55 and E60
> David Prakel wrote:
> >
> > I wish to experiment with neutral density, grad density and
> dark red filter
> > on my R system lenses.
> >
> > I know I don't stand a chance getting anything to fit my 24mm Elmarit
> > (scarcity of Series 8 filters and prohibitive price).
> >
> > However I would like something to fit my 60mm Macro-Elmarit
> (55mm dia) and
> > 35-70 Vario Elmar f4 (60mm dia). I can just about find 55mm
> filter but why
> > are there no 60mm filters available other than Hassleblad 60mm
> bayonet? It
> > would be nice to use something like the Cokin holder with an
> adapter to fit
> > both lenses but though there are 55mm to various other diameter filter
> > adapters, 60mm is not one of them.
> >
> > What do other R system owners do? I know it is sacrilege
> screwing Hoya glass
> > (or whatever) on the front of Leica glass but Leica seems only
> to market UV
> > and C-Pol filters for its lenses. Please don't say do without
> filters - so
> > how would you ever shoot infra red of far red film with a Vario-Elmar f4
> > zoom?
> > --
> > David Prakel
> >
> >
The filter connection will steer you away from trouble and line you up with
right thing. They have both B+W as well as Heliopan in both their regular as
well as multicoated versions.
Hoya glass supplies the front element for modern ASPH's so nothing would be
apropos to put another slab of glass in front of that from the same source.
Especially as they seem to have a high end line now undoubably with brass
and the whole bit. Have not tried them though.
Mark Rabiner