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Subject: Re: Europe Travel (was Re: [Leica] London and Paris Trip- Airport Security)
From: (Chuck Albertson)
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:02:03 -0700
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It's not absolutely required, but registering your photo gear at Customs
before you leave may save you from insane squabbling with the Customs
inspectors on your return. It also works for electronic gear, watches,
practically anything of value with a serial number.

The form is Customs Form 4457 ("Certificate of Registration for Personal
Effects Taken Abroad"), about 5" x 7" in size, and you can get it at the
Customs office at your departure airport (or any other Customs office you're
near. List the items and their serial numbers on the form, then have an
inspector verify the list and sign/date-stamp it. You can do this at any
time before you leave on your trip, I just remember to allow extra time on
the day of departure if I have anything new to register. When you get to the
Customs office, the inspectors may all be busy working an incoming flight
(they're pretty thinly staffed), and it sometimes takes awhile to find
someone to cover the front desk.

Chuck Albertson
Seattle, Washington

> Fellow LUGers:
> I'm planning a trip to Europe this summer (Netherlands
> than Belgium) and this will be my first Leica trip.
> I understand I need to complete a USA customs form
> prior to departure to prove that the Leica equipment
> I'm taken was not purchased overseas.
> Anyone know what form this is?
> Can I get it ahead of time (web site maybe) and fill
> it out before I leave?
> thanks, as usual.
> .....Art in NJ, USA

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