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Subject: Re: [Leica] What Leica will be showing at Photokina
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 10:53:56 EDT

In a message dated 5/11/00 7:55:11 AM, writes:

>So that's what you were doing when you were away! Thinkin' up new middle
>names! You've started with a happily appropriate one.  Dan Post and me
>(occasionally) have been holding the fort, but we'll be glad for the 

Oh my, it seems I have created a monster. Anyway, I've been enjoying using my 
Leicas so much I decided I couldn't stay away from the discussion too long. 
I'm back for awhile. I've been trying to use my relatively new Leicas (I 
bought my first body about five months ago, I guess) for as much as my 
photography that I can -- or at least when it seems appropriate. I especially 
like them for covering the meetings around the office  and for the "quieter" 
photo stories. This month I'm working on a story about Jewish congregations 
in rural Missouri (which are few and far between) and I appreciated having 
the quiet shutters during church services and the Passover sedar. More and 
more, though I'm using the M for just general photography. I shot a story on 
a sheep dairy last month  using both the Leica and the Nikons. The difference 
in color reproduction was startling. 

For those so inclined, I'll share the fact that my "system" is all but 
complete. I now have two M4-P bodies (one for color, one for b&w) and an M3. 
I have six lenses: 15mm Cosina, 24mm Elmarit, 35mm Summicron (second type? -- 
the one with no tab on the aperture), an old chrome 50mm summicron, the 
small/49mm filter 90mm Summicron and a 135mm Elmarit. My favorite lenses so 
far are the 24mm (which for years has been my favorite "normal lens" focal 
length) -- just an AMAZING lens -- and, surprisingly, the 135mm. I use the 
135mm a lot for meeting photography and have had very nice results. I say my 
system is "almost" complete. In time I'd like to send both M4-P bodies to 
Sherry for a CLA and I'd like to replace the 50mm with a newer specimen. I 
might also pick up one of Tom's rapidwinders someday. 

Also, I picked up a Domke 803 satchel (we actually already had one at work 
that I used from time to time) which amazingly holds almost my entire system. 
I routinely carry everything except the 135mm in it and I can get that in if 
I set one body with a lens mounted across the top of the 3-pocket divider 
(though with that much gear it's really more practical to go to a bigger 
bag). I also found an affordable source for Leica rear lens caps -- which 
some of you may recall was a pet peeve of mine. B&H Photo sells them for 
$19.50 if you call them on the phone (I guess they don't do Leica over the 
website). I prefer the new deep plastic caps 'cause they work with the 24mm 
and the 15mm Cosina. I think I'll order some more and glue a few back to 

I'm also looking for a set of Leica strap hardware (from a worn-out strap 
maybe) if anyone's got a set lying around . . . 

Anyway, that's my Leica update. It's good to be back. 

Bob (man of many middle names) McEowen