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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Pornography?
From: "Julian Thomas" <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 16:28:44 +0100

In the UK Boots processors have been responsible for 'shopping' a number of
parents who took photos of their kids. One involved a TV presenter who took
photos of her kids in a bath! And yet we don't seem to be in the same
situation as those in the USA when it comes to photographing kids - I took
my M for a walk to a local funfair and parents were asking me for ciopies of


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From: "Jeffcoat Photography" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Pornography?

> There are too many people sticking their noses into everyone else's
business in
> the name of protecting children. I think a little common sense goes a long
way in
> a lot of these cases.
> I would be looking to sue the film processor and the local police. Let's
face it
> child porn is a real problem, there are a lot predators out there but I
> think that a grand mother and her grand children is not a threat.
> There was a smiliar situation with a mother and her 6 yr old. I guess
these folks
> need to do their own processing.
> Let the Witch Hunt Begin!!!
> Cheers.
> wrote:
> > How about this?  I met a woman at a gallery opening last night and this
> > her tale of woe. She's a serious amature photographer and a grandmother
> > lives in New Jersey.  She took some snaps of her grandchildren-- age 3
> > 6-- in the bath tub and took the pictures to the local one-hour lab.
When she
> > returned to collect the pictures she was arrested, taken to the police
> > station, fingerprinted, photographed, charged as a child pornographer
> > locked up pending $50,000 bail.  She was released after paying a $5000
> > non-refundable bond.  Her home was searched, her photos and computers,
CD rom
> > and every floppy disk were  siezed as evidence and her family was
> > interrogated, She was suspended from her 31-year job as a social worker.
> > case is pending, and she says it will cost her $30,000 to defend
> > For further info see her website:
> >
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> Cheers Wilber GFE
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