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Subject: Re: [Leica] Great Photographers DB
From: J Vaughan <>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 14:16:43 -0700 (PDT)

 I can think of a couple hundred of them off the top of my head... (
teaching Photo-History does that...) but my questons are 
1)what kind of photographers? 
2)Prior to the turn of the 20th century? or the last nearly 198 years
of photographic reproduction (attempts)
 Would you classify them by format,decade. era. shooting style....
For instance I am currently working on the curriculem for My History of
Photography class and have 2 weeks  DEDICATED to THE DOCUMENT... (hell
it may be 3 weeks) its broken up into...

Combat- Smith, Capa, Burrows, Duncan, etc.
Social document- Hines, Riis, Richards, Ferrato, Lange,etc.
Photo Essay- Mark, Nachtway, Salgado.(Ick), Evans, Frank, Clark,etc.
Personal Document- Frank, Burke, Noggle, Mann,etc.
Scientific_ ( I broaden this a  bit to include studies... but I feel
its the same premis) Edgerton, Derges,etc.
 If you want I'll send you a copy of my Syllabus when Its done.The
class starts in the fall.

For those interested in seeing some contemporary photo work and
educated insight on it find a copy of  "Photography's Multiple Roles";
1998 Museum of contempory Photography. A good book and along with
Newhalls  "History of Photography" the textbooks for my class.


- --- Mark Rabiner <> wrote:
> Great Photographers DB
> List makers everywhere I am guilty.
> I am putting together for myself and eventually others a database (On
> Filemaker)of great photographers. Photographers of note.
> If anyone knows of such a list already in any format or has compiled
> their own
> and would like to share please contact me.
> My list so far is very crude. Eventually when i do my website I might
> be able to
> post it as I understand Filemaker dbs you can put on your website.
> Mark Rabiner

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