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Subject: [Leica] Re: You're on the Board!
From: Ken Wilcox <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 09:23:03 -0400

I find the diodes distracting. They tend to cause me to spend too much time
thinking about the settings and less about the picture. The TTL meter is
handy. I wouldn't want to be without the M6. I have it and use it, but I
find that I worry less about exact exposure when using my M2 or M4.

My preferred R cameras are the R3 and earlier for the same reason. The
needles don't demand my attention the same way the flashing lights do. I
wish I could get my Mamiya M7 II with an analog display!

Ken Wilcox

At 4:42 -0700 4/23/0, a fine scholar, Gary Todoroff wrote:

>From: Ken Wilcox <. Even the diodes are a too much at times.
>Other people have commented on the light meter diodes, always to my
>bewilderment. We are photographers, right? Photographers have the ability to
>see the world, weed out the clutter, and, on occaision, present an image of
>wholeness and harmony. We can see selectively. So what is the problem with
>the itsy bitsy red lights? After checking exposure, I don't even see them.
>Gone! Verschwunden! They aren't even there. Are thereLUGgers who are toubled
>by glasses because the frames distract them, too?
>Ken, nothing personal here - I just notice that those invisible little red
>lights come up every so often and finally had to throw in my two cents
>worth. For all who have complained, never, it seems to me, has the
>expression applied more - GET OVER IT!
>Gary Todoroff
>Tree LUGger

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