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Subject: [Leica] RE: You're on the Board!
From: Ken Wilcox <>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 09:42:56 -0400

As a newbie you are forgiven your blasphemy. There is no better film
loading than the Leica M. Just drop in the film and put the baseplate back
on. DON'T fuss with it!!!! It will work! Really!

As to adding more info to the viewfinder--NEVER! The best part of the Leica
M, especially the older ones, is the uncluttered viewfinder. Even the
diodes are a too much at times.

Ken Wilcox

At 7:41 -0400 4/23/0, a fine scholar, Dan Honemann wrote:

>1. Better film loading.
>2. Better film loading.
>3. Better film loading.
>Dan (who nearly ruined the shutter curtain on his brand new M6 wrestling
>with a stubborn roll of Tri-X that would neither feed through nor come back
>P.S. Other wish-list features, less important than above (bearing in mind
>the source has shot all of two rolls through a Leica M so far :)):
>-- a high eyepoint viewfinder that allows eyeglass wearers to see the 28
>frames in the .72x and the 35 frames in the .85x viewers
>-- aperture and shutter speed info in the viewfinder
>-- a center-mounted tripod socket
>-- electronic curtain to accommodate higher shutter speed and faster flash
>synch (1/250 would be nice) for fill
>-- aperture- and shutter-priority auto-exposure
>-- NO auto-focus, never, ever
>-- lens caps that fit the hoods, so one can simply leave the hood extended
>(or in place) all the time (of course, Ted has me nearly convinced I don't
>need the lens cap anyway! :))
>And, pertaining to the R system:
>-- ability to mount R lenses on Nikon bodies (hey, if you're going to wish,
>wish big!)
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>> Dykstra
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>> Subject: [Leica] You're on the Board!
>> OK, after a decade of research you've perfected and marketed a new
>> technology, genetic computers. They adapt to the computing environment
>> you subject them to and grow with your needs.  You list a new company
>> called MicroGene and become very rich.  You now have the time to turn to
>> your other interests and accept an offer from the Board of Leica AG to
>> advise on product developments.  You were approached because you
>> understand that an entity can both successfully occupy a niche
>> and evolve.
>> Your first presentation to the Board is nigh, and you show us a
>> sneak preview.
>> What do we see?
>> Rick (this could be fun he thinks, after his wife's new recipe
>> and a bottle
>> of chardonnay) Dykstra

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