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Subject: Re: [Leica] Requiem Redux and Cambodia (OT)
From: Sander van Hulsenbeek <>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 05:18:27 -0700 (PDT)

>Definitely worth seeking out, and if you don't have
>access to the print
>edition, the story and some of the pictures can be
>found at
required, if you've never >visited the NY Times We>b

>As B.D. noted, this project is being run by the same
>people who 
>the negatives from the Khmer Rouge "interrogation
>center" (the Khmer 
>were as anal-retentive as the Nazis when it came to
>documenting who 
>killed, but they had to high-tail it out of town
>before they could 
>their records) and published the victims' portraits
in >book "The 

I visited the Khmer Rouge center, Tuol Sleng prison,
in Phnom Penh some five years ago. There are several
rooms, in this innocuous former school building, that
are full of passport-size pictures of the Pol Pot
victims that died there.

The prison is now a museum, and our visit left us
sleepless for many nights. The pictures, the torture
rooms, the now clean classrooms with tiny brick
cubicles where the prisoners were held and the agony
of the museum-attendants living there now and having
to tell about it every day was something we will not

I took many pictures - was even invited to do so - but
have had no heart yet to publish them in a
slidesequence, as was the plan. May be when the
Trinunal starts, that will be a good moment. 

"La Condition Humaine" becomes painfully clear when,
in the same country one visits the savage beauty of
the temples of Angkor. We had a very nice local guide,
a young man some 25 years old, and his account of how
he experienced his counntry and how the people coped
with the terrible inheritance of the Pol Pot regime
made us very sad. And that in the midst of what
arguably is the most wonderful and biggest religiously
inspired ( people also lived there) ensemble in the

Sander van Hulsenbeek

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