Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/03/12

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Subject: [Leica] The old Oaf! :)
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 11:27:36 -0800

Hi Guys and Gals,

Have been away trying to shoot the Grand Canyon and having a meet and
greet with Roger Beamon down Arizona way.

When I returned last evening I found interesting Hassie postings and
oafs. Forgive me for this little note on using them but I thought you
might find it interesting from the "old oaf Hassie user of the past."  :)

I hate to stop and put a camera on tripod and it's only in last resort
that I do.  Rarely used one with the Hassie, I shot as I did with the
Leicas of the time,  3 bodies with different lenses.  Instead of one
Hassie I couldn't be bothered changing lenses so I used three hassies at
the same time.  A SWC around the neck, a 500 on the left shoulder with a
250mm lens and on the right, a 150mm on another body.   A couple of
magazines in rather large pouch type pockets and loose rolls of film in
another. Light meter and you went like hell shooting just as working
with 35mm cameras.   Hell of a sight sometimes mixed in with the 35mm
shooters and swinging Hassie's up like they were Leica's. :)

The main problem was always running out of film, like 12 exposures is 24
short of 36!  Pain in the ass! :) So the next day I'd switch back to
Leica and get the film quantity back on track.  Why did I shoot both?  
Well art directors were rarely known for their intelligent brilliance
when it comes to camera equipment and in those days they always thought
"Bigger was better!"  In some cases they were probably right compared to
35mm films of today.  Some around at the moment are still just as
stupid, but then you blow them away by dropping Leica Kodachromes in
front of them and they re-evaluate "bigger is better! :)

 Oh yeah I haven't used Hassies for twenty years, now it's just me and
my Leicas. :)  That's all,, just a peak at yesteryear and Hasselblad use
by the "old oaf!"  :)