Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/01/17

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Subject: Gauntlet revisited was: RE: [Leica] ...And lies there....
From: "Jonathan Borden" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 19:16:12 -0500


It really depends. You say that you are a really really good printer. Your
magazine is terrific and I believe you are a really good printer. If you are
as good as you say you are I am certain that I would be able to see the
differences between inferior and superior lenses. Are you able to bring out
the very best a lens has to offer?


> Jim B.: >>>
> It is human nature to want to be right. To NOT want to be proven wrong.
> And to make certain that one can support his/her own beliefs, one
> selectively
> collects his/her own facts and then makes broad statements based upon
> these
> selected facts...etc., etc., etc....<<<
> Jim,
> ...Er, so, then, if a person wanted to believe that Leica lenses are
> always superior to all others, in every case, and that the difference
> was always significant, and could always be seen in real-world results;
> and then that person carefully marshalled lots of scientific evidence to
> support this belief, ignored all evidence to the contrary, and refused
> even to submit to a simple practical trial under safe, anonymous
> conditions....
> Oh, never mind. <g>
> I'll presume this means you're "out," too.
> Chicken!
> --Mike