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Subject: Re: [Leica] M3 or IIIg
From: "Roland Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 22:39:06 -0800

I have owned a IIIg since buying it new in 1957.   I used it extensively
shooting pictures for my college year book and newspaper.   From graduation
in 1959 until around 1978, I used it for travel and other non commercial
use.   It is a great camera and I still own it today in mint condition.

From 1978 until recently, I used a SLR and found it noisy and heavy.   Last
year, I switched to an M3 which I use for travel.

The IIIg rangefinder is easier to use and its size is more to my liking.
Its viewfinder will accomodate a 50mm lens and a 90mm lens.   For others an
auxiliary finder must be used on the accessory shoe.   The viewfinder is
paralax corrected with a bright frame.

The M3 rangefinder is more difficult to use expecially in dim light.   The
camera is larger and not as easy to handle.   The viewfinder covers 50mm,
90mm and 135mm.   With viewfinder auxiliary lenses which attach to the 35mm
lens, that lens can be used leaving the accessory shoe open for the light

I have had good service with the MR light meter.

I favor the M3 because of the viewfinder options.   I use both M mount and
LTM lenses with it.

I can hold both at slow shutter speeds, even, one second with careful bone
support and breathing.   Not so with any of the SLRs I have used.

Roland Smith

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From: Eric Ho <>
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Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 8:18 AM
Subject: [Leica] M3 or IIIg

> I already own an M6 and am now considering adding an M3 or IIIg to my
> collection (Christmas gift). Does anyone have any recommendation?  Pros
> Cons?  I was told by a dealer that Leica is coming up with some newly
> designed screw mount lens.  It make the IIIg very attractive to me...  Not
> sure how "expensive" these screw mount lens are though!
> Cheers,
> eh