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Subject: Re: [Leica] Does anyone use an M6 0.85 with a 35mm lens?
From: "Jerry S. Justianto" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 10:46:12 +0700

I am using M6HM TTL with 35 2.0 ASPH.

I feel comfirtable in using it since I don't wear glasses, but I bet people
who wear glasses will have a problem in viewing the border frame.

.85 almost come out in life size, sometimes I both of my eyes open.


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Subject: [Leica] Does anyone use an M6 0.85 with a 35mm lens?

> Hi. I am working on buying an M-mount camera, but I had a couple of
> that maybe someone with more 0.85x experience can answer.
> (1) Is is at all practical to use this body with a 35mm lens? I would like
> be able to see the framelines. In a test on Leica day, it seemed okay, but
> ten minutes isn't enough to test this.
> (2) Does the high magnification really help with focusing lenses under
> or is it just easier on your eyes?
> (3) Are there any incompatibility issues with lenses? I am thinking of
> an 85mm LTM lens (the Russian Sonnar).
> (4) Does it come in titanium?
> I do have some Leica experience with M6 0.72x; I ended up selling mine. I
> didn't find it so easy to look through a reduced finder. And it was black,
> which raised durability issues. I subsequently bought a Canon P (LTM) with
> its 1.0x finder at 35mm and have found it nice. But I want to get some
> modern lenses, especially 50. And it wouldn't hurt to have a 35/2 ASPH.
> If the M6 0.85 is not a practical solution, I'm going to stay Leitz with
> lenses and jump right on the Hexar RF. If you're not going to get
lifesize, I
> figure, you might as well have more convenience in the body.
> Thanks
> Dante Stella