Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/12/02

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Subject: [Leica] Does anyone use an M6 0.85 with a 35mm lens?
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 22:05:01 EST

Hi. I am working on buying an M-mount camera, but I had a couple of questions 
that maybe someone with more 0.85x experience can answer. 

(1) Is is at all practical to use this body with a 35mm lens? I would like to 
be able to see the framelines. In a test on Leica day, it seemed okay, but 
ten minutes isn't enough to test this.

(2) Does the high magnification really help with focusing lenses under 90mm, 
or is it just easier on your eyes?

(3) Are there any incompatibility issues with lenses? I am thinking of using 
an 85mm LTM lens (the Russian Sonnar).

(4) Does it come in titanium?

I do have some Leica experience with M6 0.72x; I ended up selling mine. I 
didn't find it so easy to look through a reduced finder. And it was black, 
which raised durability issues. I subsequently bought a Canon P (LTM) with 
its 1.0x finder at 35mm and have found it nice. But I want to get some more 
modern lenses, especially 50. And it wouldn't hurt to have a 35/2 ASPH.

If the M6 0.85 is not a practical solution, I'm going to stay Leitz with the 
lenses and jump right on the Hexar RF. If you're not going to get lifesize, I 
figure, you might as well have more convenience in the body. 

Dante Stella