Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/12/02

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Subject: [Leica] FS: Nikon SP and Nikkors 50/1.4 and 105/2.5
From: Simon Pulman-Jones <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 15:37:13 -0000

I'm posting this here after an eBay sale fell through (the buyer, a 
charming man from Toronto, seems to have vanished from the face of the 
earth - I hope he merely changed his mind and nothing has actually happened 
to him).

Nikon SP chrome #6213578 with 50/l.4 #403578 and 105/2.5 #916252. This late 
cloth shutter chrome SP is in extremely nice condition. The top plate is 
unmarked apart from two tiny and very faint bright marks on the flat 
surface above the rangefinder window (which is next to the front 'Nikon'). 
The bottom plate has several faint bright marks from tripod mounting, 
including a faint circle around the tripod bush, but there are no 
scratches, neither are there any marks on the bottom plate areas that are 
visible when the camera is placed on a flat surface. The only noticeable 
blemish on the camera is on the front plate. There is some faint wear to 
the chrome on and next to the 'o' of 'Nikon'. An area of 2 x 3 mm shows 
some slight brassing. I think this must be caused by a finger rubbing 
whilst holding the camera. Otherwise there are no marks on the front plate. 
The black leather-like covering is in perfect condition. The black paint is 
in very nice condition, with no chips or scratches. Close inspection shows 
minor scuffing on some of the black paint edges - but this is only visible 
at very close quarters. The viewfinder and rangefinder are in superb 
condition: bright, clear and functioning perfectly. The 28/35 finder is 
also very clean indeed, with just one tiny black spec visible. Inside the 
camera is clean, apart from a small mark, about 6mm long, on the black 
surface to the side of the film aperture. The shutter is in perfect working 
order, and the curtains look like new compared to my similar age Leicas. 
Both the 50/1.4 (incl. original Nikon front cap and exc. hood)and the 
105/2.5 (incl. original Nikon back cap, Canon front cap, original Nikon UV 
filter and exc+ hood ) are in very nice condition, with perfect glass and 
only slight signs of wear in the normal places - on the edges of focus and 
aperture rings. All in all, a  fine example of a camera which is seldom 
seen in such nice condition.  1500 UK pounds (about 2400 US dollars) plus 
shipping.  If you are interested I can send pictures of the camera and 
lenses (jpegs).