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Subject: Re: [Leica] 1c or V35?
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 21:39:53 EST

In a message dated 11/11/99 6:17:33 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

 I would value all opinions concerning these 2 enlargers. I would like to 
 purchase one, but I need help....which one would you choose?         I plan 
 to use it ONLY for black and white.  All help is much appreciated!!
                       Albert D'Addario (new kid)
I have owned and used both over the years and still favor the Focomat Ic 
since it prints or grade 2 or 3 using negatives of less density that I 
developed over the years.  It is made of sturdy materials which I value more 
than the plastic stuff.

If you get the Ic that has the filter draws, there is no problem using the 
variable contrast papers and color papers.

The only convenience is the V-35 is supposed to be auto-focus up to about 16X 
versus 10X for the Ic.  If that is the touchstone, I would recommend you find 
another used enlarger called the Durst M-35 that has a super system of 
condensers and is auto-focus over up to 17X and has filter slots.  The M-35 
is a very sturdy enlarger and should have a Componon registered to that 
particular enlarger.

Would probably still be using the Ic and M-35 but the Durst L-1200 with point 
light source works great for me since I now use the Hasselblad system.  Just 
takes a few minutes to change the condensers and lenses to switch from 35 mm 
to 2 1/4.  

Just my thoughts.