Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/09/27

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Subject: [Leica] Fogg - How's that for service?
From: Alex Brattell <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:20:00 +0100


I've been using a Fogg B-Major camera bag as a general every day, about
town, cycling and travelling bag for some years. It didn't get continuous
use (I have other bags, like a Domke that get used for jobs where I
obviously carry more gear than for my personal use) but was regularly bashed
about for 10 years.

Earlier this year I bought another one, amazed that you could still get
them, and contacted Nigel and Bea Fogg in France to see if they would repair
the old one, which I couldn't bear to throw away, old friend that it was.
They said they would be happy to repair it so I sent it off. Some weeks
later Bea contacted me to say that in view of the fact that I had so
comprehensively trashed my lovely photo bag they would rather build me a new
bag, customised to my requirements (two front pockets for filters, like the
older model, velcro strip under the lid as I had asked for in my original
bag, bought from them when they lived in London). With their compliments!

So now I have what has proved an ideal bag for me, incredulous that it just
arrived, with no bill, just a friendly note. Talk about treating customers
well! Exactly what you'd hope for in a small, high quality business. I must
now go out and start to trash this one too (it's looking a bit posh!).

Daily contents, for those interested: 35mm camera & 2 or 3 lenses, film,
filters, small diary and notebook, pens, pocket knife, puncture repair kit,
spanner, tyre levers, small pump, mobile 'phone, tobacco, papers & Zippo.
When I travel, there are 2 bodies, more lenses and no cycling stuff, but a
map and a paperback!

I've been away, or up to my neck in work quite a lot recently and catching
up on the LUG has really been a labour, end up not reading most of it. Which
is a shame, as scrolling through all the stuff that has nothing to
contribute means I have no time left to contribute myself. As usual, the
stuff that has been carefully written makes the LUG a real asset - travel
reports, in depth equipment reviews, historical stuff, darkroom practice etc
really light up my dark mornings!

At the risk of sounding snotty and superior, would people who write loads of
unconsidered drivel please remember that posting on the net is as much
publishing as anything else and there's more than enough rubbish on the
planet already. There - I said it!