Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/09/23

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Subject: Re: [Leica] "Best Buy" Leica SLR recommendations, please
From: "Robert G. Stevens" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:24:43 -0300


A local college has some Leica R4s mod 2 cameras and lenses for sale.  The
person you need to talk to is Chris in the photo Dept  (902) 422-7381.  His
email is .  They were selling the cameras with a 50mm
Summicron for $900 CAD (~$620 USD) and would not break up the set.   I
looked at some of them and they are in ex++ shape or better.  The R4s mod 2
( R4SP in USA) was the last of the R4s series and was very reliable.  It
has manual and aperture priority, while a R4 has shutter priority and



At 09:26 AM 9/23/99 EDT, wrote:
>My 18 year-old son is in his second year of a professional photography 
>course, and has asked that we consider obtaining a Leica SLR with a 50mm for 
>his use.  He has access to a considerable amount of  N***n equipment, so he 
>isn't lacking for bodies or lenses to use.   However, he has an aritist's 
>appreciation for subtle, qualitative differences in tonal rendition, and has 
>often pointed it out in photographs which (unknown to him) happened to have 
>been taken by Leica-using photographers.  
>I have read the archives, as well as some of the (very few) sites on Leica 
>SLRs, and it would appear that our choice of affordable, used bodies include 
>Leicaflex SL,  R3, R4 (above ser #1.6M) and R4sP.  There are a considerable 
>number of two-cam lenses on the market at attractive prices that would make 
>the Leicaflex a great value, but it lacks any AE (not necessarily a bad 
>thing).  Are conversions to three-cam expensive?  How about the R3 from a 
>users perspective?  I'd like to keep the initial purchase under $600, if 
>possible, for body and normal lens.  
>Not to waste bandwidth, I must say it is a thrill to have my teenage son 
>share an interest in photography.  So, if buying a Leica SLR for his use 
>promotes "quality time" interaction with him, it is money well spent!  Your 
>thoughts and suggestions are welcome.  Feel free to email me privately if
>wish, and if anyone has something along these lines to sell on Friday,
>let me hear from you!
>Best regards -- Mike Crist