Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/09/14

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Subject: Re: [Leica] ....M vs R's...
From: Godfrey DiGiorgi <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 10:01:04 -0700

>I've just recently switched over to an M from a Nikon F, F3 
>system. One of my big reasons for switching over was being
>tired of lugging all kinds of useless junk around all the time.

I keep my SLR kit for when I need what an SLR can offer (and the reason I 
keep the Nikon F3 and don't go over to a Leica R kit, aside from the cost 
of doing so, is that I want a 100% viewfinder with interchangeable finder 
system in my SLR). For many years, though, most of the time I carry 
smaller, simpler cameras. Rollei 35, Minox 35 and submini, Leica M, 
Contax G, etc just let me concentrate more with less weight, bulk and 
noise; they let me work more slowly and thoughtfully. They've cured me of 
"lens-change-o-philia" and "zoom-o-philia" which is easy to get into with 
SLRs and the modern breed of zoomy point'n'shoots. 

The Leica CL I purchased recently combines what I like most about the 
Rollei 35 (very small size, super sharp 40mm lens) with a rangefinder for 
more accurate focus and the ability to also use a super-wide-angle lens. 
That covers a tremendous amount of ground and remains small, light, easy 
to carry. 

On my most recent holiday trip, I carried three cameras: Minox EC (for 
when you don't want to carry any camera at all, a Minox submini is 
perfect; an excellent tool for people pictures in the middle zone - 4 to 
20 feet), Leica CL with 40 and 15 mm lenses (for most of my general 
pictorial and people picture taking), and the Nikon F3 with motor and 
50/85/70-300mm lenses (for photographing the motorcycle road racing 
events I was attending). It was a perfect kit for this trip, all three 
cameras complemented each other well.