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Subject: RE: [Leica] To sell or not to sell
From: "Greg.Chappell" <>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 13:03:01 -0500

Your comments regarding the use of a Visoflex are just the type things I
want to hear about, never having used one. I hear at least some of the
lenses have a pre-set diaphragm & I've used those before. Not a problem.
From what I've read about the 65 Elmar in Brian Bower books they are very
good performers, indeed.

I've seen where the Viso had an interchangeable viewfinder with an option
for waistlevel viewing for copy purposes. Do you know if it is one of those
hard-to-find-and-expensive-when-you-do Leica items? I'm starting to do some
panning through both Shutterbug and the Web. 


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From: royzart []
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Subject: Re: [Leica] To sell or not to sell

Just keep in mind that with the Viso you do not have the automatic 
diaphragm function that the F3 provides.  Even for occasional use 
you may find the dark image inconvenient.  

I was in the same situation as you.  So of my rather extensive 
Nikon holdings I've kept only the F3 along with a 50 and a 35 for 
copystand work - primarily for the waist level finder (very handy 
when the camera is mounted vertically) and for lenses with a wider 
field than the 65 Elmar.

That said, I will note that I've found the 65 Elmar to be no mean 


On 2 Sep 99, at 11:06, Greg.Chappell wrote:

> I am at a crossroads. For several years I used a Nikon F3 system
> exclusively. I easily have equipment I could probably realize $1,500 to
> $2,000 or possibly a little more. I have now been using a extensive "M"
> outfit for almost a year & do not see using the Nikon gear much, if at
> I have not even opened the bag since May & I had the F3 CLA'd in January,
> it would be a good time to sell it if I'm going to. I do not do sports or
> wildlife photography, so I really do not need the long lenses for much of
> anything. I have occasionally used the close-up capabilities for copying
> photos and photographing stationary objects (Wildflowers in the spring,
> etc.) but I feel like I might be better served in picking up a Visoflex
> & maybe a 65 and/or 200 lens & bellows to use with mainly my M6, or
> sometimes the M4 for those very few times I do those things. For the 4 or
> times a year I would do that, wouldn't it work as well?
> I know there are probably several others in the same type situation & I
> been tossing this idea back & forth for several weeks. I think that
> I am sentimentally tied to this old equipment & if I just did it (sold it)
> would probably feel a lot better.
> Greg